Liliana Guadagnoli

Feb 19, 2022Uncategorized

We would like to thank Liliana Guadagnoli for her time and supporting our community and newcomers.

Liliana Guadagnoli is an Intuitive/Spiritual and Energy Healer with expertise in the Natural Healing Arts as a Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist. She is a two time International Best Selling Author and Poet. She has been leading Art Therapy sessions for many years to all age groups, both through pubic and private organizations. She has multiple qualifications specializing in supporting Children, Teens and Seniors. Liliana is also the Owner and CEO of LLG Enterprises Inc., a business which provides Spiritual Guidance and Coaching, Consulting and Support Services, and Hosts Healing Retreats.Over the last 40 years Liliana has been awarded for her exceptional services and prided herself on the ability to deliver excellence in all areas.