Intra-Afghan Peace Talks

Apr 20, 2021Hazara

Peace Cannot Be Achieved in Afghanistan Without Guaranteeing and Safeguarding the Security and Human Rights of Hazaras and other Persecuted Communities

Statement of Hazara Diaspora regarding the ongoing “Intra-Afghan Peace Talks” in Doha, Qatar


The ongoing peace process is an opportunity to establish long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan. In order to ensure the success of the negotiations, the global Hazara community encourages the steadfast commitment of the negotiating parties as well as the supporting states and international organizations to protect the fundamental principles of human rights, justice, freedom of religion and belief, the rule of law, and equality of all citizens of Afghanistan. We strongly wish to see an end to the war and suffering on all sides. At the same time, we emphasize that any political settlement needs to consider both the history and the diverse needs, interests, and concerns of all citizens of Afghanistan, particularly historically persecuted and marginalized ethnic groups such as the Hazaras.

In particular, we emphasize the central importance of protecting the security and human rights of all disadvantaged or marginalized groups such as women, religious minorities such as Hindus and Sikhs, and persecuted communities, particularly the Hazaras, who have been victims of ethnic and sectarian violence throughout the modern history of Afghanistan. The Taliban have committed mass atrocities against Hazara civilians, including the massacres in Mazar-i-Sharif [1998], where they publicly declared their intent to kill Hazaras based on their ethnicity and faith. Other massacres took place in Yakawlang [2001], Robatak [2000], and Mirza Olang [2017], as well as other locations. The Taliban also destroyed our cultural heritage sites such as the Buddha statues [2001] in Bamiyan.

In more recent years too, Hazaras have suffered targeted violence by extremist groups, particularly the Taliban. We regret that the Government of Afghanistan has consistently been negligent in protecting the Hazara people, nor has it addressed the pleas of its Hazara citizens for increased security and justice for the victims of targeted violence. We are concerned by the Taliban’s increasing offensives in recent months in Hazara-populated regions where they have threatened the local communities and killed civilians. This inevitably has resulted in deep apprehensions and mistrust, raising concerns among the Hazara community about the Taliban’s views and commitments to peace.

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