Canadian Hazara Humanitarian Services (CHHS)

Canadian Hazara Humanitarian Services (CHHS) is a not-for-profit organization formally registered with the Government of Canada as of September 2019. The organization developed from a grassroots group of community activists and volunteers formerly referred to as the Coherence and Coordination Committee (C&C Committee), which was established by the Canadian-Hazara community in October 2017. The aim of the C&C Committee was to promote a culture of volunteerism within the community and to assist newcomers during their settlement process in Canada.
As the team expanded in its capacity, the number of dedicated, experienced and skilled volunteers increased in response to the needs and challenges of the community. The informal group of community activists realized the need to register the Committee as a not-for-profit organization in order to better serve the community’s evolving needs and support the productive and healthy integration of newcomers to Canada. Thus the advisory board of the C&C Committee met on July 12, 2019 in the City of Toronto and formally registered the not-for-profit organization, Canadian Hazara Humanitarian Services (CHHS).

Our Vision

CHHS is dedicated to helping people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender, in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to engage and thrive in creating a meaningful and productive life as a Canadian citizen.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide hope and support to concerned individuals and newcomers through services and initiatives that create conditions of success, promote solidarity, and integration into Canadian society.

Our values

  • Meeting Human Rights
  • Diversity and Integrity
  • Justice and Equity
  • Respect and Inclusion
  • Accountability and Transparency
Who We Are

CHHS is proudly run by a group of passionate community volunteers and its mission is to provide hope, support and resources to community members, with a focus on serving newcomers and the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society. CHHS seeks to accomplish this through a dynamic combination of services, initiatives and collaborations that will respond to urgent community needs, promote dialogue and multiculturalism, and foster the conditions for successful social and economic integration of newcomers into Canadian society.

What We Do
In line with its mission, CHHS meets regularly with its members in order to stay informed of the most relevant issues, promote volunteering in the community, and support motivated individuals to work in tandem with the organization to develop programming and engage meaningfully with the community. CHHS takes pride in its active involvement in community programs, such as field trips and summer camps for youth and social excursions for seniors, designed to tackle social isolation. CHHS seeks to assist the most vulnerable individuals within Canada by providing resources and basic services to refugees and newcomers in need of shelter and food. By offering community resources and services (such as interpretation, transportation and counselling), countless individuals have been assisted by CHHS volunteers in the past two years alone.
At the same time, CHHS encourages Canadian values of global citizenship and human rights by serving as a community liaison to assist federal and private refugee sponsorship programs, raise awareness about refugee issues, assist international students, and support the immigration of skilled workers and entrepreneurs. CHHS further supports globally-oriented values by supporting community fundraising efforts for innovative social-impact organizations like Mother Camp, an internationally-acclaimed group that rehabilitates drug addicts in Kabul. Through these efforts, CHHS supported female-led entrepreneurship and the humanitarian assistance of the most vulnerable individuals in Afghanistan.
CHHS strives to provide quality and culturally-sensitive settlement, social, and cultural services to newcomers and individuals in need of support. Whether at home or abroad, the goal of CHHS is to ensure that the most marginalized segments of society receive support and assistance, so that they can reach their full potential in society. “
CHHS Executive Team

Ibrahim Mohebi


Nasrin Husseini

Vice President

Ali Mirzad

Senior Government Affairs & Relations Advisor

Reza Zamani

Admin Manager
Asef Akbari Photo

Asef Akbari

Social-Cultural Manager

Ray Ahmadi

Finance Manager

Alam Talash

IT Manager

Shamim Ahmadi

Shamim Ahmadi

Immigration Manager

CHHS Partners & Collaborators